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This might be your first time visiting Palm City, Florida. You have been here for a business meeting, but have some days in your hand to enjoy. So, this is your best opportunity to aroma around the city and check on some of the famous tourist attraction spots. But, you can’t do that on your own, especially when you don’t have your ride with you. Well, don’t worry anymore, when you have PSL Transportation & Limo Service by your side. We are proud to offer top-notch taxi service palm city FL, to take you to your favorite destination right on time.

Features you cannot miss out on:

With such a growing competition all around, what are the reasons to choose us as your best taxi servicing firm? Well, to get to your answers soon, how about checking out the features, mentioned below:

Taxi Services
  • We are working for the masses. So, our taxi services are rather affordable for anyone to access easily.

  • No matter wherever you want to travel in Saint Lucie, all you have to do is contact us for our taxi service Port Saint Lucie Florida. We have everything covered just for you.

  • Our drivers will be your knowledgeable guide, as well. They are natives of these localities and know everything, which might grow your interest more.

  • It will not take much time from your side to book the taxi service from this source. We have made our booking services easy so that you can get to your desired taxi within minutes.

  • Just provide us with your time and date of service, and our drivers will reach your destination before time.

We are always ready to help our clients in a broad manner. For us, each client is precious and we will work hard to bring a smile on the faces. Trust us and we will never let you down!

PSL Transportation & Limo Service

So, are you down for the best ride of your lifetime? If so, feel free to contact us anytime and you will love the results we have in store for you.

Brief History And Information On The Taxi Cab

A lot of us might be oblivious to the fact that taxis are a common everyday phenomenon that did not exist some two centuries ago. This article highlights key information pertaining to the history of the taxi and some eye-opening and enlightening facts that you could share with your colleagues or even your cab driver when you hail the next taxi.

Who in invented the taxi?

“Taxi” is the short form for “taxicab” which is obtained from the following two words: “taximeter” and also “cabriolet”. The word “taximeter” was derived from the Latin word “taxa” which implies “charge or tax”. The taximeter was a device invented in 1891 by the German inventor Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn to measure distances covered and consequently do the fare calculation. Consequently, in 1897, Gottlieb Daimler developed the Daimler Victoria a taxicab that had a fully functional meter installed on it.

A cabriolet is a horse-drawn carriage with the driver standing in the back. Gas powered taxis were operational in cities in Germany, London, Paris and New York by the year 1907. The word “taxicab” origins are from London in March 1907 where it was recorded to be used first.

Why are taxis yellow?

The common color for a large majority of taxis is yellow and this has been portrayed quite often in movies. However, the yellow color dates back to 1967 when New York passed a law that required all taxis to be yellow in color for easier identification. This was also meant to reduce fraud in the taxi business since a taxi driver had to own a yellow taxi or invest hundreds of dollars to have their taxi cab painted in the color yellow.

Taxis of the World

Yes, they are. Many countries in the world currently have taxis in one or various forms.  In Australia, the Ford Falcon is the common model that serves as taxis whereas in Afghanistan you are likely to see Soviet taxi cabs. Other car models that are popular as taxi cabs include the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, the Honda Jazz, the Scion xB, the Volkswagen Type 1 and the Hyundai Elantra. Taxis come in a variety of models, shapes and passenger capacities with the goal of offering passengers quick transport to their destinations at efficient miles per gallon.

Our esteemed PSL Airport Shuttle team continues its proud tradition of offering quick and cost friendly taxis with cordial taxicab drivers in the Treasure Coast area and its environs. Kindly request a taxi from us any time you need fast and efficient transport within the Treasure Coast. Travel safely with us!

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